Túi đeo đùi ST608B

Thermoformed leg bag, 3 ltr.

Mã sản phẩm: ST608B
Thương hiệu: GIVI
Còn hàng
  • 1.090.000 đ
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Thermoformed leg bag, 3 ltr.

Materials (manufactured within REACH recommendations):
• High tenacity 1200D/PVC polyester
• PU inserts
• Thermoformed EVA coated with anti-scratch PU
• UV TESTED materials

As standard:
• Adjustable and removable straps
• Possibility to hook the bag directly to a belt or trouser loop
• Elasticated and adjustable leg straps, with closure that prevents the bag from moving while riding
• Inner flaps to guarantee the stability of the contents
• Reflective side inserts for improved visibility
• Rain cover
• Three inner pockets (one meshed, one with zip closure and one with a smartphone holder)

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