T484B Túi bên trong thùng TRK33, TRK3, TRK46

Inner and extendable bag for Trekker Cases TRK33, TRK35 and TRK46

Mã sản phẩm:T484B
Thương hiệu:GIVI
Còn hàng
  • 920.000đ
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Inner bag for Trekker cases TRK33, TRK35 and TRK46, expanded it can be used in the TRK46 case, unexpanded the bag is adaptable to the TRK33, TRK35 cases.
The frontal pocket allows access to the bag when the case is opened on the upper side only.
The main compartment is equipped with a net bag with zip closure to maintain contents in a vertical position.
The T484B can be comfortably used as a bag itself thanks to its sporty design, practical handles with padded grips and a removeable shoulder strap ensuring it can be easily carried manually.

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