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SLD01___ Gù trượt chống đổ

Frame Slider made from fibreglass-reinforced polymer, with solid anodised aluminium insert coloured aluminium (2pcs)

Mã SP:


Thương hiệu:

2.170.000 đ

Frame slider made from polymer reinforced with fibreglass.
This protective side buffer, manufactured entirely in Italy, features an aerodynamic design and a body which can resist repeated impacts and abrasion, as well as solvents, fuels and moisture. The SLD01RE boasts significant attention to detail and is noteworthy for the absence of visible bolts, a technical choice which also makes assembly and disassembly easier. Another distinctive feature is the anodised aluminium insert, available in four colours, which is laser-engraved with the GIVI logo.

Look for the section MY MOTORCYCLE to verify the compatibility of the specific fitting kit SLD_ _ _KIT for your motorcycle.

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