Găng tay nữ Hevik Athena HGS110F


Mã sản phẩm:HGS110F
Thương hiệu:Hevik
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  • 1.050.000đ

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When you have the entire summer ahead of you and a long route to enjoy on your motorcycle, you can count on ATHENA, the summer short gloves with the highest level of comfort that have all the features of a technical glove - like the men's version, ZEUS, with the addition of an exclusive shape designed for female hands.
The air flow passes to the fingers through the 3D mesh fabric on the index and middle fingers, a breathable mesh that reduces fatigue. The rigid protectors on the knuckles and in EVA on the fingers increase your safety, together with the hook and loop fastening on the sleeve.
PLUS: reflex fabric inserts for night riding.
Certified according to European standard EN 13594:2015 level 1.

Outer shell: 65% microfibre; 10% PU, 10% polyester; 5% nylon, 5% mesh; 5% neoprene
Lining: 100% polyester